Pedestal Assemblies

Armorcast Products Company offers a complete variety of Pedestal products. Technology, engineering, detailed design, durable material formulation are all part of the product quality and endurance of our pedestals.

UV RESISTANCE / Elite blend of polyethylene material with UV inhibitors. Material formula has exceptional weatherability and durability characteristics as well as high enviromental stress crack resistance.

PERFORMANCE / Superior tensile and impact strengths at both ambient and sub-zero temperatures. Unique structural design provides added strengths and stability. Special vandal resistant features.
PRODUCTION / Ground line and/or logo molded into base. Penta-head lock assembly designed for use with customer installed padlock to provide double locking security. Pebble grain finish enhances appearance and richness.


  • Standard “Electric” logo may be customized
  • Specified connectors are protected with a clear cover and attach cable to a vertical adjustable mounting arm.
  • Tamperproof, internal locking, temporary power service windows.
  • Molded labeling and colors available.